Broadband for your Computer
Connect to your world using mobile internet  with a Digicel Broadband wireless modem! Very simple to use, just plug the modem into your laptop or computer and follow the easy instructions – the average set up time is 2 minutes and it works with PC and Mac! Choose the wireless modem that suits you:

Single user mobile internet:
The Digicel Broadband modem plugs directly into your laptop or computer so you can get online and enjoy Broadband speeds all to yourself.

Multiple user mobile internet:
The Digicel Mifi modem plugs into your laptop or computer and works remotely so you can share your Broadband mobile internet with four other people in your vicinity. This is an ideal solution for a family.

Buy a prepaid SIM or subscribe to a postpaid data plan that suits your needs and then begin browsing and downloading at broadband speeds. To buy a prepaid SIM, simply visit any Digicel store near you.  To subscribe to a postpaid data plan, email  with your name, phone number and preferred Broadband data plan.

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