1. What is Digicel Broadband?
Digicel Broadband is Digicel’s new high-speed mobile internet service which uses the 3G or third generation of GSM wireless technologies. It comes with enhancements over previous 2G wireless technologies (GPRS, EDGE), like higher data speed and enhanced audio, video and application upload and download experience.

2. When did you launch Digicel Broadband?
Digicel Broadband was officially launched 6th May at 00:00 hrs.

3. What is UMTS and HSPA
UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) and HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) are most commonly used technologies terms when referring to 3G GSM technologies. To simplify, UMTS/HSPA are 3G terminologies while GPRS/EDGE are 2G terminologies.

4. What is the network coverage of Digicel Broadband?
Digicel Broadband will be available in the key areas in POM, Lae, Hagen and Kokopo. (see network coverage map).

5. What do I need to be able to use Digicel Broadband?
You will need the following:
• A Digicel prepaid or postpaid SIM. • Any 3G and 900Mhz compatible device. • Credit balance on your prepaid or postpaid account. • And you should be within the Digicel Broadband network coverage area.

6. What are the available Broadband devices?
• Handsets
• Tablets
• Dongles
• Mi-Fi Devices

7. Where is Digicel Broadband available (in terms of network coverage)?
Broadband will be initially available in the key areas in POM, Lae, Hagen and Kokopo. Expansion in other areas will be announced soon. 8. How will I know that I am in the Digicel Broadband coverage area?
You will need to look at your Broadband device and it will indicate 3G, UMTS or HSPA next to the signal strength/bars on the hadset or device. Sometimes a compatible device may not pick up the 3G/UMTS/HSPA signal automatically so you may have to do a hard reset (remove battery) of the device. If you are not on the Digicel Broadband coverage area, you will see on your device E for EDGE or G for GPRS.

9. I am in the Broadband coverage area but seeing only EDGE on my handset – what does that mean?
If you are seeing EDGE on your handset it could be for a few reasons
• Your mobile phone is not compatible with 3G.
• Your mobile phone is not compatible with 900Mhz GSM frequency band.
• You are in an area where there is weak or no Broadband coverage.

10. What is GSM frequency band?
GSM frequency bands or frequency ranges are the cellular frequencies designated by Government Telecommunication authorities (NICTA in the case of PNG) for the operation of GSM Mobile network. The Digicel Broadband data network uses the 900Mhz frequency band hence, only devices compatible with this frequency can use the broadband service.

11. What happens if I move in and out of Digicel Broadband coverage area?
We still have a fully functioning EDGE network running parallel to our 3G network. Your device will automatically connect to the available GPRS/EDGE network until the Broadband network is available. The switch between networks is seamless.

12. What kind of speed should I expect from Digicel Broadband?
You will experience broadband speeds up to 2 Mbps.

13. The device brochures indicates 7.2mbps download speed, how come I will only experience up to 2mbps?
Theoretically, 3G compatible devices can download up to 7.2mbps but due to several factors affecting speed, on the average you will experience speeds from 300kbps up to 2mbps within the Digicel Broadband network coverage area.

14. On what factors does Broadband speed depend?
• Speed depends on the type of handset or device used
• Location of Use (outdoor has stronger signal than indoor, the farther you are from the network tower, the weaker the signal).
• Network traffic and number of users currently using the network at that point of time.

15. Is it possible that I get Broadband services on my existing number? Yes, all existing and new prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers are provisioned for Broadband.

16. Will I have to change my SIM to migrate to 3G?
No, you can access Broadband from your existing SIM.

17. What will happen if I am out of 3G coverage area?
You will continue to access 2G/2.5G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) services in areas where Broadband coverage is absent. Please ensure that your network setting is on dual mode or automatic.

18. Do I need to do any settings on my existing mobile handset for 3G?
YES. You will have to select 3G/UMTS Dual mode in your handset for network selection. You will also require the correct settings if you are currently not using GPRS/EDGE.

19. I don’t have the correct settings, how will I get the correct settings?
You may freecall our Customer Care 123 for prepaid and 126 for postpaid. They will get the type of device that you are using and send the settings to you over the air through the OTA platform. If you’re device is not supported by the OTA platform, the agent will assist you on how to set up your device and configure the correct settings.

20. What is the APN for Digicel Broadband?
Digicel Broadband will use the same APN as the current EDGE. For web-compatible devices, the APN is internet.digicelpng.com
For wap-enabled devices, the APN is wap.digicelpng.com

21. Do I need a separate SIM card to use Broadband services?
No. Alll existing and new SIMs are Broadband enabled by default.

22. Do I have a separate helpline number to call for Broadband service queries & complaints?
The current Customer Care hotline numbers will be used to receive calls regarding Broadband. Hotline no. 123 is for prepaid customers while 126 is for postpaid customers.

23. Do I need a separate handset to use Broadband services?
Yes, in order to use Broadband services you need to have a handset or device which is compatible with Digicel Broadband network, in case your handset is already Broadband compatible then you don’t need to purchase a new phone. Different 3G handsets have different speed capabilities, we recommend that you use an HSPA enabled handset or device for the best experience.
If you have your own 3G compatible device currently, all you need to do is buy a Digicel SIM and configure the correct settings on your device by calling our Customer Care.

24. Do I need to configure any special settings on my device to use Broadband?
Most of the devices sold by Digicel are preconfigured for Broadband. In case the device is not pre-configured, please call our Customer Care and they will assist you in setting up your device.
You can also configure the settings by yourself by entering the APN name on the device e.g. internet.digicelpng.com and dial-up no. is *99#. No username and passwords are required.

25. Some 3G networks support video calling, do you support this?
No, video calling is not supported. We will publicly announce as soon as this product becomes available on the Digicel Broadband network.

26. Can I connect my handset to my PC or laptop to use 3G services & access internet as a fast speed?
Connecting a handset to laptop or PC is called tethering, this is definitely possible on Digicel Broadband network with high speeds provided your device allows / supports tethering. The charges will be applicable as per the tariff plan activated.

27. How fast is Broadband speed as compared to EDGE?
Theoretically, you will get 10 to 30 times faster speeds on Digicel Broadband network as compared to GPRS/EDGE.

28. Does 3G improve my voice quality automatically?
No, the voice quality is the same in 2G and 3G.

29. How will I know if my handset is 3G compatible?
Check your device brochures and it will indicate if it’s 3G compatible. It normally indicates 3G/UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA compatibility and also, it will indicate the GSM frequency bands supported.

30. What are the different time bands applied to Digicel Broadband?
Peak Hours is 8am to 8pm daily.
Off Peak Hours is 8pm to 8am daily.

31. How will I be billed for my Broadband usage?
Your Broadband usage will be billed based on your usage.

For prepaid, it’s Pay as You Go. So if you download a 1mb file during off peak hours then you will be charged 25t.

For postpaid, if you are not subscribed to any of the Monthly Data Plans then your usage will be charged with the out-bundle rates. If you are subscribed to any of the Monthly Plans, then your usage within the allocated bundle will not be charged (however you pay a monthly fee for this bundle), then when you’re bundle is fully depleted charging will go back to Pay as You Go.

32. I am subscribed to the current Data Plans e.g. Data Silver, will there be changes in line with the launch of Digicel Broadband?
Yes. The monthly fee of your current Data Plans will not change. However, we will increase the size of the current bundle which then reduces your effective rate per MB. We will also reduce the out- of-bundle rates (the same as the new rate plans).

33. Is there a postpaid data bundle roll over?
No. Unused postpaid data bundles will not be carried/rolled over to the next billing cycle.

34. Is pricing/charging the same if I am using EDGE or 3G?
Yes, pricing and charging is the same regardless if you are using the EDGE or 3G/Broadband network.

35. I purchased a device and found out that I don’t have Broadband coverage in my preferred location of use, can I return the device and get a refund?
Yes, but you have to return the device and present the receipt within 7 days at the point of purchase. The device should also be in an acceptable good condition.

36. Can I do 3G data roaming?
Yes, for now only Postpaid customers can do outbound data roaming. Outbound data roamers are required to pay a roaming deposit of K500 (per MSISDN). This money is refundable if unused upon return to home country. Current roaming activation process shall apply.

37. Do I need a special top up card to top up my Digicel Broadband account?
No. The current methods of top up e.g. flex card, EVD, Online Top Up , BSP SMS Top Up can be used to top up a Digicel Broadband account.

38. I am using a dongle and tablet, how can I check my credit balance?
You can check your credit balance by sending a blank message to 120. Sending SMS to this short code is free.

39. I am using a dongle and/or tablet, how can I check my mobile no.?
You can check your credit balance by sending a blank message to 777. Sending SMS to this short code is charged at 5t

40. Where can I buy Digicel Broadband device and SIM?
You can buy prepaid Digicel Broadband at the Digicel Flagships, Digicel retail stores and via your Corporate Account Manager.

41. What is data roaming?
Data Roaming basically means using your phone to receive data over mobile networks that your mobile operator doesn't own. For this instance, our customers can now still access the internet even in Australia.

42. How can I subscribe to the data plans?
Simply text in the keyword to 1634 to subscribe

43. Can I still use the same keyword for Day, Week & Month Pass?
Yes you can, they are the same plans but we just changed the names and pricing. So to subscribe to:
  • 1 Day Pass: You can text 1D or Day to subscribe
  • 7 Day Pass: You can text 7D or Day to subscribe
  • 30 Day Pass: You can text 30D or Day to subscribe
44. If I subscribe to a prepaid data plan, for example a 7 Day Pass and in two days’ time I still have 100MB remaining. What happens if I subscribe again?
Two things will happen:
  • Your 100MB data remaining will add on to your new subscription fo 7 Day pass so you will have a data balance of 550MB
  • Your expiry will now be extended by another 7 days This will apply for the other data plans as well however it will not add on if you purchase a different data plan i.e. if you purchase two separate data plans.
45. Will I receive a low data SMS alert if my data balance is low?
Yes, you will receive the following alerts based on the type of plan you subscribe to:
  • 1 Day Pass [5MB Limit]: “Your 1 Day Pass has 5MB remaining, opt in again now & the 5MB will add on to your new subscription. Text 1D to 1634 to subscribe”
  • 3 Day Pass [10MB Limit]: “Your 3 Day Pass has 10MB remaining, opt in again now & the 10MB will add on to your new subscription. Text 3D to 1634 to subscribe”
  • 7 Day Pass [20MB Limit]: “Your 7 Day Pass has 20MB remaining, opt in again now & the 20MB will add on to your new subscription. Text 7D to 1634 to subscribe “
  • 14 Day Pass [30MB Limit]: “Your 14 Day Pass has 30MB remaining, opt in again now & the 30MB will add on to your new subscription. Text 14D to 1634 to subscribe.”
  • 30 Day Pass [40MB Limit]: “Your 30 Day Pass has 40MB remaining, opt in again now & the 40MB will add on to your new subscription. Text 30D to 1634 to subscribe”
  • Mega Pass Pass [50MB Limit]: “Your Mega Pass has 50MB remaining, opt in again now & the 50MB will add on to your new subscription. Text Mega to 1634 to subscribe”
  • Super Pass [100MB Limit]: “Your Super Pass has 100MB remaining, opt in again now & the 100MB will add on to your new subscription. Text Super to 1634 to subscribe”
  • Jumbo Pass [150MB Limit]: “ Your Jumbo Pass has 150MB remaining, opt in again now & the 150MB will add on to your new subscription. Text Jumbo to 1634 to subscribe”
46. I only have 3G coverage in my area, will I still be able to subscribe to this plans to use?
Yes, this plans are available to all Digicel Subscribers regardless if you are in 2G/3G/4G. However you must have a data compatible handset

47. If I have a blackberry device, will I be able to use this data plans?
No, this plans are only for non-blackberry users

48. If I am a postpaid customer, will I be able to use this plans?
No, this are only available to prepaid customers

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